Headshot Shoot for Mike


Mike has been a friend for a long time now, and we set up this pseudo-headshot shoot while he was home for the holiday weekend. Mike has been doing standup comedy for a while now, but we opted to go for something different than the standard “funny guy” photos.

Mike Abrusci-103

Lit from above with a reflector below, the black background and top lighting added a dramatic look to the photo. I especially like the lighting on his hands from the reflector.


Mike Abrusci-86

I like this one because it’s serious, but Mike’s face doesn’t look angry. Possibly my favorite close-up from the shoot.


Mike Abrusci-71

I wanted to try a black and white edit. Here it is.


Mike Abrusci-97

9/10 pictures of Mike have him giving the finger in it. this was a no-brained. I really like how the top lighting highlights his hand and the slightly shallow depth of field draws your eye towards it.


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