50/50 Friend #2: Playing Guitar with Sam Roth

5050 Project, Friends

I met Sam in second grade (that’s nearly 20 years ago). He was one of my first friends after moving schools. I haven’t seen him in probably 7 years or so and it was great to reconnect with him. Sam is an incredibly talented musician, and has always been that way. For his portrait session he played me a few of his original songs. He told me he wasn’t totally comfortable in front of the camera, but he would feel better doing something he knew could keep his mind off the lens and flashes. I’m really happy with how the session came out. This being the second shoot, there seemed to be an emerging theme. Juba’s passion is wrestling, Sam’s is music. I haven’t asked anyone to bring anything specific prop-wise, but it’s pretty cool that both sessions so far have brought out their individual interests.

5050F02 - Sam -14

5050F02 - Sam -22

5050F02 - Sam -11

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