50/50 Friend #1: Wrestling Promos for Tom Juba

5050 Project, Friends

I had the pleasure of shooting one of my good friends, Juba, this past weekend. He needed some photos for his wrestling promo posters. The photos are most likely going to have him cut out and composited with other wrestlers on event fliers and promotional material, so I opted for a grey background. The grey was easily removed in post-processing and the images look great when layered over something. This shoot was done with my Nikon Df, 50mm and 85mm lenses, and a single SB900 Speedlite in an octabox. Enjoy!

Juba Wrestling Promos-9

Juba Wrestling Promos-13

Juba Wrestling Promos-58

Juba Wrestling Promos-2

Juba Wrestling Promos-4


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