Portrait Session: K.J. George

5050 Project, Friends

I’ve known Kyle for a long time now, and when I think about it, it’s been damn near 10 years. Kyle is a writer, dealing primarily in horror-themed short stories. On his Instagram, you can see a lot of his work, all typed up on a vintage typewriter. I asked if he could bring one along with him to the session, and it was really cool to see. I appreciate the analog way of doing things, and it was an interesting experience to push down a key, see the arm extend, and leave its mark on the page. I wanted to keep an overall moody tone to the photoset, as he primarily writes about the spookier side of things. I’m really happy with how the set came out, thanks Kyle!

KJG Done-1

I was trying to do my best Mark Mann impression, I think it came out pretty well…

KJG Done-19

Finally figuring out how to get the gradient right on the backdrop!

KJG Done-24

This leather chair rules.

KJG Done-17

Sort of an “outtake”, but one of my favorites from the set.

KJG Done-13

Kyle’s vintage typewriter.

KJG Done-7

“Why do models always have that itch in the back of their head?”

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