BigiDesign Website Photos


Super happy to be working with one of the most innovative EDC brands out there, BigiDesign. They’re well-known for their super popular titanium pens and EDC accessories. Chadwick and Joe got in touch a few weeks back about getting some lifestyle imagery for their website overhaul. The project consisted of several of their new products, arranged neatly, both on tabletop and outdoors. This is my first time working with the brand, and I can’t wait to do more in the future!


The TPT (Titanium Pocket Tool)


The Ti-Arto, a pen that accepts over 200 refills!


Their slogan is “Do More, Carry Less”. I showed a bit of a bag to hint at carrying, and some notebook because they make quite a few pens. 


A friend was selling some antique letterpress drawers. I love how contrasty shadows. 

This was one of the first shoots using my new studio strobe setup. I went for the Elinchrom DLite RX4 kit, including two strobes. I also picked up the HSS-enabled EL Skyport so I could get those shallow depth of field shots more easily. So far so good! Not having to rely on charged AA batteries and speedlites has been wondering. Look for a full review soon.


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